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2009-06-18 23:29:46 by ellyrianne

Ha! Im am mega excited for the art portal!!! Finally something i am actually good at lol!!! not that music isnt gonna be fun someday but art i have now!!! i have been doing that since i was little!!! yay!!!

so this is whats up

2009-02-12 23:45:35 by ellyrianne

i may try a flash but i am really interested in doing audio stuff so any tips on that would be great

i have no idea what i am doing flash wise... i really want to do one but i am so lost... i have watched the tutorials and asked for help though noone will help me.... What do i do?

new new new everything

2009-01-07 14:46:28 by ellyrianne

im new to ng but my bf is an old member... he actually got me startd and so far i have realy enjoyed it so thanks tom fulp and everyone else out there. but anyways im looking forward to all the new flashes in this new year and hope its as good as it was last year